What is a career counsellor, career coach or life coach? Which is right for me?

1) Career counsellors are professionals who are part counsellor and part information provider. They facilitate a process where the individual’s awareness is raised as they listen to themselves. The career counsellor analyses thinking patterns and matches the client with resources that are accessible and relevant.

We offer this service at a very affordable fixed rate.

2) Career coaches, sometimes referred to as executive coaches, are professionals that help a person excel in their chosen career. Typically, they administer psychometric tests and conduct an interview to gauge the strengths of the individual in different areas. After which, there is goal setting and the career coach helps the individual reach their set goal.

We offer this service at a competitive hourly rate. We also partner with an IO psychology organization that offers this service using a both an in-person and also on a webinar platform at very affordable rates.

3) A life coach is sometimes described as an individual who looks at different facets of a person’s life and then attempts to remake the person.

We do not offer this service – We believe that an individual, once empowered, makes decisions that are best suited for themselves.

However, for the benefit of those who want to use a life coach, we refer them out to a service provider we are unaffiliated with.