As part of our career search services, we offer one to one coaching specifically for interviewing and presenting / speaking skills.

Voice Coaching

This programme covers physical exercises to improve confidence and reduce stress when speaking, practice in crafting and delivering your own “elevator speech”, as well as tips for effective use of non-verbal communication such as posture, hand gestures and eye contact.

Interview Skills

Understand the purpose of the interview, expectations by all parties, learn techniques for face to face and teleconferencing and post-interview etiquette. Also, identify stress reactions and manage your individual response.

This programme is also suitable for new managers conducting interviews for the first time. We can tailor the session for either interviewers or interviewees. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Sessions typically take about 1.5 hours.

These programmes are designed by a psychologist and a trained vocalist.

Check our Testimonials for reviews by our past clients.