Certified Professional Logistician [CPL]
Project Management Professional [PMP]
Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment [ACTA]


Mohan is an Associate Lecturer with PSB Academy, as well as a Trainer for ODC Training, and in-house Trainer with The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, Singapore. His areas of specialisation cover Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Systems Thinking and Simulation, Strategic Management, Management of Change, Continuous Quality Improvement, and general management topics.

He is an experienced Logistician and a Chartered Member (CMILT) of The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, Singapore. He has a BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering from NUS and MSc in Industrial Robotics & Automation from Imperial College.

Mohan has more than 25 years of Automation, Manufacturing, Logistics and Supply Chain experience which includes designing and commissioning of factory and warehousing systems. He also has experience in Business Development for Logistics Solutions, covering both local as well as regional activities.

He is currently the President of the Alumni International Singapore, an umbrella organisation of 12 local and overseas University Alumni Associations, which has a combined membership of around 30,000 Singapore based graduates. He is also part of the management committee of the National University of Singapore Society (NUSS) and a past President of the British Alumni (Singapore), an association of UK graduates with strong connections to the British Council, British High Commission and British Chamber of Commerce.

Institutes (Years From) / Programs {Subjects Taught}
1. PSB Academy (2012-)
Inventory Management, Materials Management & Physical Distribution, Operational Logistics (part of Dip in Business Administration in Supply Chain Management)

Tutor for Introduction to Management, Systems Thinking & Simulation, Strategic Management, Continuous Quality Improvement and Management of Change (part of the degree programmes offered by Faculty of Business of the University of Wollongong)

2. Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport Singapore [CILTS] (2007-)
Project Management for Logisticians
Advanced Diploma in SCPD Programme {Subjects taught: Supply Chain Management, E-Commerce and IT, Business Logistics Management, Service Operation Management}
Participated in Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore [IDA]-CILTS (2009-)Certificate of Competence [COC] – IT Logistics
Participated in Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore [MFA]-CILTS (2007-)Executive Programme in Logistics & Distribution Management

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Developer – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Programs
ISO 9000 trained Lead Auditor
Career Counsellor


A social psychologist and project manager with 20+ years of experience in Engineering, Logistics, Quality management and the Human Resource Development sectors.

Organizations he has worked for include Multinational companies (MNCs), Small & medium enterprises (SMEs) and Community Organizations (VWOs & NGOs) in both Singapore and Canada. Currently, he works with the management in SMEs and start-ups, to grow and sustain their organizations.

Vinod has been a trainer of adults since 1991 when he worked at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (Canada), the oldest technical Institute in Canada. He helped students from the Architectural, Engineering and Computer disciplines. He later worked in the Engineering line and helped to train users in the SAP ERP system from 1999.

In 2003, he moved to the HR field and from 2008 to the retirement of the program in 2014, Vinod facilitated a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) based awareness and life skills course, in the Singapore Prisons. He periodically also trains new facilitators.

He is an active volunteer and has held multiple portfolios with Singapore After-Care Association, an organisation that helps people who will soon be re-integrating back into society. He remains motivated to help both individuals and companies reach higher potentials as he believes in creating an inclusive society.

Beyond career counselling, he periodically now trains and equips people with counselling, sociology and psychology backgrounds, to help employees in the work places who have encountered the initial stages of job burn out.

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Curriculum Content Developer
Researcher & Library and Information Technologist


Roberta has worked for government, voluntary welfare organisations and educational institutions both in Singapore and in Canada.  She has been a trainer and courseware designer at various points in her career, including as a technical communications tutor at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (Canada), and an in-house trainer and e-learning content developer at the National Library Board (Singapore). She is an experienced technical trainer, and has designed and delivered training content for library reference staff, clients of the NLB Academy, and independent students and researchers.

She specialises in curriculum content development for practical business skills including recruitment, on-boarding, mentoring, coaching, supervision and performance appraisals for staff of all levels and career stages. She works together with the Lead Trainers to deliver customised corporate training.

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