About the course

Learn an updated 1980s method to solve problems using a collaborative approach that also builds leaders while strengthening teams.

Using the World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL) model developed by Michael Marquardt et. al., we demonstrate this approach, all in one half-day workshop.

This approach replaces the dated brainstorming technique of the 1960s used by groups (form, storm, norm, perform) that sometimes saw groups breaking up during the storming stage.

Action learning provides a structured approach that skips the storming stage and gets to the norming stage within 30 minutes and, performing directly after. An additional advantage: It draws out introverted group members (who may have important contributions but normally get talked over).

With a practical hands-on programme, more members contribute ideas and teams solve problems while learning at the same time.

We also train up the action learning coaches and facilitate action learning sets (ALS).

  • A half day program with 1 facilitator
  • Delivery: Via video conferencing or onsite, in a conference room
Who should attend?
Teams of 5 to 8 individuals.
Team members who will be directly implementing a solution.
Mohan Balagopal

Mohan Balagopal

Managing Director

Customised and delivered by Mohan Balagopal and team.

Mohan has over 25 years experience in engineering, training, consultancy and general management.

Vinod Balagopal

Vinod Balagopal

Director | Counsellor

Delivered by Vinod Balagopal, social psychologist and career counsellor.