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Career Counselling

I’d like to express my thanks to Mr Vinod for his career guidance and counsel during an embattling struggle with a mid-life career crisis earlier.

Mr Vinod’s patient analysis and counsel helped me to take courage and to make that all important decision to switch careers to one suited to my interest and inclinations. His professional counseling services are worth more than its weight in gold.

I have benefited much from his professional counseling abilities, his genuine care, generosity of time and friendship!

Mr Tan


I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your time, effort and your unique framework and approach to help me over the past 5 months.

I sincerely hope that more people will know and reach out to you and gain better understanding about themselves, their own uniqueness.

What I particularly like about your framework is that it’s very reflective and encourages the client to look into their own family background, love languages, circle of friends, workplaces, their education, professional and personal experiences. It helps me to grow awareness about my own attributes, principles, basic needs, the norms for me and also how I would react to adversity.

While you journey closely with the client through the process, your approach does not make the client dependent on the counselor. It also does not aim to modify the personal characters of the client, but provides insights into what he/ she inclines to, and also the related risks to be aware of. I think understanding the associated risks is very important to make informed decision and save ourselves from running into unexpected troubles along the way.

Thank you again for everything.



Vinod and Roberta employ a holistic approach to career counselling which goes beyond simply analysing your strengths and weaknesses and recommending a list of suitable jobs. Through their career counselling process, I have learnt how personal factors such as my background, past experiences, current experiences, values, and even my personality affect what types of jobs or careers are suitable or unsuitable for me.

It was not just a process to find out what job I should do or how to change careers (as I originally thought it would be), but a process of self-discovery. I gained a much better understanding of myself, recognised what motivates me (and what doesn’t), and realised what I am truly looking for in my career. With their help, I learnt how to deal with tricky work situations where I previously felt stuck. Their interview coaching has also helped me to be more confident in interviews.

Vinod and Roberta are patient, approachable, non-judgmental, extremely understanding, truly caring, and really make the effort to get to know you so that they can help you better. I am very glad to have met them and to have had their help in figuring out my next steps.



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S. Lee


I contacted Vinod at a point where I wasn’t feeling quite like my motivated, happy self. It was the perfect time for me to realize that some time spent understanding myself would be time well spent. Through several sessions with Vinod he coached me through the process of becoming more self aware. I realized that I was experiencing burnout and that is it actually quite natural given how hard I like to push myself.

As I continue on the path of self awareness I have discovered many interesting facts about myself. My increased level of self awareness has helped me in every aspect of my life. Now when I can sense the burnout coming and I know how to deal with it. It’s been a great learning experience for me and I am grateful to Vinod for having shown me how.


Consumer Goods Industry

Vinod is an excellent career coach. From the first contact with him you know that you are working with a true professional.  Vinod is thorough in his approach, able to provide a different perspective as well as flexible when needed.

I highly recommend Vinod to anyone looking for an established career counsellor.  Vinod will be your solid guide in the often challenging path of career changing.


Human Resources

Vinod is a very knowledgeable and engaging Career Counsellor.

His patience and empathetic approach in the sessions draws out constructive pathways in my choice of career moves.

He also opens up a refreshing understanding of my traits and profile which I am not aware of, allowing me more options in making wiser decisions.

He has now become my mentor and a friend I turn to often.



I am thankful to Vinod for his help when I was at a low point in my career. Through his guidance and patience, I understood myself better and worked to expand on my strengths while accepting my vulnerabilities.

I will recommend Vinod for his career counselling services as he is intuitive and very competent as a counsellor.

Even after my session ended, he followed up with me and now I consider him, a very good friend.



Thanks for your support. You helped bring clarity at a point where I needed it.


Business Innovation

To know yourself better is the first step towards knowing where you are headed professionally.

Vinod’s short session is perfectly tailored for time strapped working professionals yet is surprisingly holistic and in-depth in its approach.

At the end of the sessions, one is able to connect the dots between ones personal life, professional goals and personal values.

I found the sessions useful and enriching and I continue to value my association with Vinod.




Mohan has been lecturing at CILT for more than 5 years and his PM programme was very enriching to the adult learners. He bonded well with people from different fields and shared ideas and useful techniques to learners.

I am very pleased with Mohan’s knowledge and PM expertise. He’s patient and understanding. I would rate his service rendered as ‘Excellent’. I would highly recommend Mohan and his PM programme to any organisations.

A. Lee

former Executive Director , Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport

Thanks Mohan for customizing the training programing for my APAC logistics team. We had an enlightening and fruitful session with you and your trainer. We will certainly put the processes we learned into practice.

A K Collins

APAC Region Logistics Manager , Varian Medical Systems Pacific Inc.

Voice Coaching & Interview Skills

As someone with a reserved personality and naturally soft-spoken, I have frequently received feedback from interviewers and colleagues that I do not project my voice effectively and therefore struggle to engage my audience. After a session with Roberta, involving voice training exercises and learning techniques to feel more at ease during interviews or presentations, and practicing those techniques when answering interview questions, I now feel I have more confidence and am able to project my voice more effectively. I will definitely continue to practice the techniques I learned during the session in future!


Market Research

A very experienced recruiter, Vinod sheds deep insights into how our body language may convey the wrong messages in interviews.

He guides candidates on potential competency-based interview questions and how best to answer these questions with the 3-part problem-solution-learning point model.

He also shows empathy and shares tactics to deal with pre-interview anxieties.