Fees FAQ
How do I find the cost of the service I am interested in?

Scroll down and click on the heading for the category of service you are interested in. Details of the pricing structure are listed there.

Do you do counselling or coaching for free?

We are a private organisation, and receive all our funding from our clients. While we are generous with our time, we cannot offer services entirely for free.  We can recommend services which best match your budget.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Generally not, but we may consider this for corporations depending on the type and scope of service requested.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of our services for individuals, we do not offer refunds for services rendered. For corporate services, we will specify refund/replacement policies in our contract.

If you have any questions, just ask us.

Career Counselling | Re-Exploration
A counsellor or psychologist facilitates this program.
– Rates below are reserved for this program only.

– From 2009, we established a fixed, per session rate so clients would not rush through their experience and skip critical details that could provide them with better clarity.

Phase 1:  S$ 180 – Each session (typically 4 to 6 sessions)

Phase 2:  S$ 180 – Each session (typically 1 to 2 sessions)

Phase 3:  S$  180 – Each session  and/ or, S$45 / month – Via whatsapp messaging (only when requested)

a. Start of each office session: Session fee is collected.
b. Phase 1 ~ End of 2nd session: Total number of sessions required are estimated; extra sessions can be arranged, as required.
c. Phase 2 ~ End of final session: Coaching appointment date is set.
d. Phase 3 ~ Executive coaching sessions are re-confirmed at least a week ahead.

– Free of charge – All online Psychometric measures.
– Online video sessions (e.g. FaceTime or Skype)  are capped at 2-hours per session.
– S$ 90: Daily session surcharge (for any session exceeding 3-hours).
– Flexible meet up locations can be arranged for subsequent coaching.
– A whatsapp personal channel can be activated for situations not requiring a full session or an immediate response by the coach. Fees cover the calendar month.

Employment Consultation & Career Search Skills

Time based rates apply.

Individual Consultation, including Resume & CV rewriting, Interview Practice, Networking and Generating Skills Inventories.
S$ 180 – 2-hour session
S$   90 – Subsequent hour

Voice Coaching and Interview Skills
S$ 180 – 1.5-hour session

Counselling (Personal | Interpersonal | Family)

Time based rates apply.

Family service centres (FSC) located throughout Singapore offer counselling services for individuals and families who are either Singaporean or SPR.

We suggest that our clients use community provided resources, if they are able to.  An example would be to visit the Thrive site for both information and resources available in Singapore.

For others, we assist both individuals and couples with: PTSD, managing anxiety conditions, including wanting to forge better relations with family or friends.

Our principal therapist uses cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

S$  100 – 1-hour session (Individuals);

S$ 160 – 1-hour session (Couples)
We also maintain a roster of counsellors operating their own private practices and serve a broader spectrum of mental health conditions.

S$ 160 to S$ 200 – Hourly consultation

Job Search for the Busy Professional

S$ 180 – Industry brief based on our research
S$ 130 – Applications per sector per week
S$ 10 – Dedicated application email set-up
S$ 180 / 2 hour session – Interview skills and resume and cover letter review

Executive and Leadership Coaching

6 Top reasons Leaders Seek Coaching

Two options are offered:

1) Leadership Coaching – for C-level

S$ 400 – Initial session
S$ 270 – Subsequent session

2) Executive Coaching – for Executives | Entrepreneurs of start ups

S$ 270 – Initial session
S$ 180 – Subsequent session
S$ 45 / month – Via whatsapp messaging
– A whatsapp personal channel can be activated for situations not requiring a full session or an immediate response by the coach. This service includes one 15 minute voice call, per month.

Work Attitudes (Psychometric) Measurement
Assessment tools for awareness and diagnostic purposes
Uses an online platform using a test ticket system,.
Administration of S$ 40 per participant.
Tool cost:
US$ 15 – Cultural Fair Intelligence
US$ 30 – Big 5 Personality
US$ 26 – MBTI/ Jung Typology
US$ 26 – DISC

Other programmes:

HR Outsourcing & Consultancy

We assess and analyse business processes and then provide recommendations based on fair employment and best practices guidelines.

This may include:
Employee Assistance Programs

Strategic realignment – Rebalancing, retraining and redeployment of staff

Out placement – Headcount reduction, career counselling and facilitating opportunities for affected employees

Organisational Development – Transitioning from a top down or hieratical model to a total quality management (TQM) model that effectively taps on senior employee expertise to drive business development.

Business Process re-engineering – Developing and realigning business practices, fostering innovation

Contact us for a quotation.

Executive Search

Pricing will depend on the type of manpower required. We also provide career coaching as part of the package for executive placements.

We actively seek out and convince talent to make a switch.

This process:
Increases opportunities and accuracy by sourcing from a wider talent pool.
Locates Senior management when openly advertising is not feasible.
Locates Specialists, domain experts and “technically rare” positions.
Suitable for salaries > S$ 3,300 per month.
A variety of tools (our networks, data mining etc.) locate talent and we select the best people from them.

Variables (demographic & psychographic) and the new work situation are considered before making a match.

Source regionally or globally if skill sets are not to be found in Singapore.
Encourage employers to cross culturally screen new employees together with their accompanying families before attempting to relocate them.

Our search rates depend on the level of search difficulty.

General Terms:
A nominal advert fee upon sign up,
Retained or Contingency Exclusive terms are available.
A minimum service period for each employee (with an extra 1-month term if the employer is a TAFEP signatory),
A replacement search if the employee leaves prematurely.
OPTIONAL: Providing an external executive coach for newly placed employees, as a better retention strategy.

Career Coaching add-on
Term: Per session, up to 3-months.
Strengthening of new or existing employees for enhanced retention,
A dedicated career coach is paired with the employee,
Session details between the career coach and the employee are kept confidential,
From S$ 400 – Each 80-minute session (M-F, 9am-5pm).
– Separate agreements cover the modular services.
– Prices apply to local recruitment, within the Singapore market.
– A surcharge applies for services provided outside office hours.

Contact us for a quotation.

Corporate Training Courses
We aim to make each experience tailored to your needs. Our pricing is flexible according to the number of sessions, and size of the group. We can work together to find a solution that fits your needs and your budget.

Contact us for a quotation. You can also check directly with our Trainers.

Research | Small Business Consultancy | Project Management

Consultancy & Project Management

Initial session (via phone consultation) – Free

In-person consultation session – $180 (90 minute session)


S$ 90 – Each hour (Using secondary sources)
Research topics include latest government initiatives, industry initiatives, HR/ employment trends, mental health topics, industry specific market research, etc.


Contact us for more information.

Payment Options
We accept:

  •  Cash,
  •  PayNow, PayLah (DBS) and PayAnyone (OCBC) to a mobile number,
  •  Credit Cards via PayPal (to billing@asiarecruit.net) – a S$10 service fee applies.

An e-receipt will be issued upon request.

Terms & rates are subject to revision. Contact us for more information.