Fees FAQ

Do you do counselling or coaching for free?

We are a private organisation, and receive all our funding from our clients. While we are generous with our time, we cannot offer services entirely for free.  We can recommend services which best match your budget.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Generally not, but we may consider this for corporations depending on the type and scope of service requested.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of our services for individuals, we do not offer refunds for services rendered. For corporate services, we will specify refund/replacement policies in our contract.

If you have any questions, just ask us.

Career Counselling | Re-Exploration

Our psychologist facilitates this program.

Phase 1:  S$ 180 – Each session (typically 4 to 6 sessions)

Phase 2:  S$ 180 – Each session (typically 1 to 2 sessions)

Phase 3:  S$  180 – Each session  and/ or, S$45  – Via instant messaging (only when requested)

– Free of charge – Selected online Psychometric measures.
– Online video sessions require a desktop/laptop/tablet device and stable internet connection. Conducted via FaceTime, Zoom or Skype.
– S$ 90: Daily session surcharge (for any session exceeding 3-hours).
– An instant messaging personal channel can be activated for situations not requiring a full session or an immediate response by the coach. Fees cover the calendar month.

Pre-Careers Counselling (ages 14-17):  Contact us for a quotation.

Executive Career and Leadership Coaching

6 Top reasons Leaders Seek Coaching

Two options are offered:

1) Leadership Coaching – for C-level

S$ 400 – Each session

2) Executive Coaching – for Executives & Entrepreneurs of start ups

S$ 180 – Each session
S$ 90 – Daily session surcharge (for any session exceeding 3-hours).

Employment Consultation, Career Search Skills & Voice Coaching

S$ 180 – Each session

Job Search for the Busy Professional

S$ 180 – Industry brief based on our research
S$ 130 – Applications per sector per week
S$ 10 – Dedicated application email set-up
S$ 180 / 2 hour session – Interview skills and resume and cover letter review

Executive Search

Pricing will depend on the type of manpower required.

General Terms:

  • A nominal advert fee upon sign up.
  • Retained or Contingency Exclusive terms are available.
  • Up to 2 career coaching sessions within the first 3 months of hire.

Contact us for a quotation.

Corporate Training Courses

We aim to make each experience tailored to your needs. Our pricing is flexible according to the number of sessions, and size of the group. We can work together to find a solution that fits your needs and your budget.

Contact us for a quotation.

Research | Small Business Consultancy | Project Management

Consultancy & Project Management

Initial session (via phone consultation) is free.
Consultation session (via video) – $180


S$ 90 – Each hour (Using secondary sources)
Research topics include HR/employment trends, compensation and benefits, mental health topics, industry specific market research, etc.

Payment Options

We accept:

  • PayNow and PayLah (DBS) to company UEN.
  • Credit Cards via PayPal – a S$10 service fee applies.
  • Wise (formerly TransferWise).

An e-receipt will be issued upon request.

Terms & rates are subject to revision. Contact us for more information.