Project Management Training

We provide personalised Project Management Training for small businesses, family businesses and individuals.

The Project Management course will provide participants with the theory and core methodology needed to manage projects or effectively participate in project teams. While the use of Project Management software will not be specifically covered, the course would give users of Project Management software a greater appreciation of the tracking and planning tools built in it.

Course Outline

  • Understand the phases of the project management life cycle and a project manager’s role in each phase
  • Identify basic project success criteria and common reasons for project failure
  • Acquire Techniques for setting up a strong project team
  • Understanding the elements of a risk management plan
  • Learn the techniques for planning and sequencing project activities, including the Work Breakdown Structure and the Network Logic Diagram
  • Identify the Critical Path for completing a project on schedule
  • Master the techniques for controlling for deviation from budgets and schedules
  • Study the keys of project management communications and reporting tools
  • Understand the key activities of project close-out


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