At the request of our clients, we’ve expanded our services to include pre-careers counselling, for ages 14 to 21.

We help teens and young adults gain clarity for their future studies and possible career paths. This is a condensed version of career counselling for working adults, with an emphasis on educational paths, study skills, and job mentoring.

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Our services include:

Pre Career Streaming for 14-17y (Currently available during school term breaks only)
Get focused via our condensed 4-session program.
1 to 1 interviews with a student and both their parents.
All sessions will be conducted with at a parent or caregiver present at all times.
– This service is designed for pre-streamed students in school and the student’s parents.
– We suggest course combinations and study skills supports.
– OPTIONAL: Exposure to different industries/ roles to gain career insight.

Pre Careers 18-21y 
Get focused via our career counselling program.
1 to 1 interviews plus free psychometrics.
– This service is designed for young adults not in the workforce, who are trying to decide on tertiary study.
– We identify courses of study and skills to build up, for a career path.
– OPTIONAL: Industry Mentor matching.