At the request of our clients, we’ve expanded our services to include pre-careers counselling, for ages 14 to 21.

We help teens and young adults gain clarity for their future studies and possible career paths. This is a condensed version of career counselling for working adults, with an emphasis on educational paths, study skills, and job mentoring.

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Our services include:

Pre Career Streaming for 14-17y

The programme consists of a total of 4 to 5 hours spread over 4 sessions. Sessions will be conducted as follows:

Session 1: 30 min exploration with parent(s) – to get an understanding of lines of support/ a brief of the teen,
Session 2: up to 2 hour exploration with teen
Session 3: up to 2 hour exploration/ analysis with teen
Session 4: 30 min debrief with parent(s) – Teen need not be present

Pre Careers 18-21y 

This service is designed for young adults not yet in the workforce, who are trying to decide on tertiary study. We identify courses of study and skills to build up, for a career path.