About the course
This programme is designed to increase awareness of why we like (or dislike) facets of our work, and how our preferences are shaped and acted upon. Using techniques from cognitive behavioral psychology, participants will gain an understanding of what motivates them in the workplace, and provide insight on how to manage periods of stress and demotivation.

Over a one-day session, we cover:

  • Senses we use
  • Needs vs wants: Understanding how we prioritize
  • Blocks: negative automatic thoughts
  • 5 basic needs: Introduction to William Glasser’s Choice theory plus an exercise on how disequilibrium happens
  • Push and Pull: Understanding the differences between internal and external motivators
  • Workplace dynamics: Get an understanding of supportive behaviours of people and expectations of the physical environment at work
  • Recognising burnout
Who should attend?
This course is intended for employees as well as for supervisors.

Max 12 participants.

Vinod Balagopal

Vinod Balagopal


Delivered by Vinod Balagopal, social psychologist and career counsellor.

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