Our Mission

To promote smart workplaces with happy employees.


Helping businesses increase profitability by incorporating the best industry practices and progressive people management strategies into their daily operations, and

Helping people achieve career success by setting clearer goals, having daily doses of happiness and using strategies to be continuously challenged and adaptable in a changing environment.


May 2007 – Gary & Pearl International begins operations

2007 – Launch of Executive Recruitment services (discontinued in 2024 to focus on our other services) and Employability Skills services

2009 – Launch of Career Counselling services

2012 – Gary & Pearl International becomes a TAFEP signatory

2014 – Gary & Pearl International is awarded BizSafe3 Certification

2015 – MD, Mohan Balagopal is awarded TAFEP Workplace Hero Award

2018 – Launch of EAP Services

2019 – Release of ebook “Happy Working”

2020 – Streamlining of Video Conferencing Services

2021 – Soft launch of our Psychology Learning Group

2023 – Launch of Project Management Training custom course

We support: