Job Search for the Busy Professional

Need help coming up with a job search strategy?
Our job search and application service does the virtual legwork for you: by checking industry needs, pinpointing sectors that match your career aspirations, and coordinating the application process for you. We can also help you prepare for interviews, and touch up your resume and cover letter to make your application stand out.
What does this service include? 
1. Industry brief based on our research.
2. Applications per sector per week. Quantity varies per industry and availability of openings. You may choose to apply across multiple sectors.
3. Dedicated application email set-up.
4. Optional add on: Interview skills and resume and cover letter review (highly recommended).
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Who is this service for?
Professionals, executives, management and technical specialists (PMETS) residing in Singapore.
Does this service guarantee me a job?
No. We will help you in the application process and give you the best chance to land an interview and a job. Whether you do get the job is not something we can guarantee, as it depends on many factors outside our control.
Can overseas residents use this service to find a job in Singapore?
This service is for placements within Singapore, and only for PMETs already residing in Singapore (eg Singapore citizens, residents, long term visa holders). Foreign nationals who are resident overseas are welcome to make use of our career counselling and coaching services via video instead.
I’m interested. What next?
We’ll give you a quotation based on your industry selection and duration. Contact us for more information.