by Roberta Balagopal

The “Worn out” version of burnout is when you want to achieve a goal but lack sufficient motivation and energy. You cope by giving up in the face of stress.

This differs from overload because you choose to do this work. You might be very willing and eager to do something, but you’re just plain tired. It may be that you’re taking on too much or not managing your time efficiently, and work piles up until it looks insurmountable, and these phrases may start running through you head:

“I really should get to work on this project.”

“I wanted to start that work, but I was so tired I put it off.”

“I don’t want to do a mediocre job of this, so I’m waiting til I feel completely ready.”

There is a block between the desire to do the work and actually doing it, and this is something you’d need to figure out before you can carry on with achieving what you want to do.

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