We specialise in executive placement for technical specialists, senior management, and business development professionals.


A-la-carte Services

We offer basic services priced down to cater for budgets of some Start-ups and SMEs. A-la-carte is a modular, prepayment service. It allows clients to handle part of the work themselves and engage us for just specific phases of their recruitment that they might find tedious. Services can be purchased singly or combined. Once a candidate is placed, no further payment is due.


Executive Search

We use a variety of tools (our networks, data mining, and market research) to locate talent, then we individually interview and select the best people from them. We specialise in:

  • Locating Senior management when openly advertising is not feasible.
  • Locating Specialists, domain experts and “technically rare” positions.
  • Evaluating candidates based on demographic & psychographic variables as well as the new work situation.


HR Outsourcing

We assess and analyse business processes and then provide recommendations based on fair employment and best practices guidelines, including:

  • Strategic realignment
  • Organisational Development & TQM
  • Out placement
  • Business Process re-engineering
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Best Practices research

See our fees page for pricing details.