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Effective Hiring and Onboarding

This programme covers the entire hiring process, from identifying a need for a new staff to the first 3 months on the job. With plenty of real life examples and practical tips, it is intended as an introductory course to ease the challenges employers face when...

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Motivation in the Workplace

This programme is designed to increase awareness of why we like (or dislike) facets of our work, and how our preferences are shaped and acted upon. Using techniques from cognitive behavioral psychology, participants will gain an understanding of what motivates them in...

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EAP: Introduction to Career Counselling Facilitation

We developed an employee assistance program that allows companies to build up a team to provide career counselling to their working professionals. The training involves: A self-study learning kit – to familiarize on concepts used, Two group training sessions – to gain...

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Project Management for Executives

The Project Management course will provide participants with the theory and core methodology needed to manage projects or effectively participate in project teams. While the use of Project Management software will not be specifically covered, the course would give...

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Strengthen Teams using Action Learning

Learn an updated 1980s method to solve problems using a collaborative approach that also builds leaders while strengthening teams. Using the World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL) model developed by Michael Marquardt et. al., we demonstrate this approach, all in...

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Skills for New Managers

This programme covers the challenges faced in the transition from team member to leader, with practical examples and strategies for understanding your new role and getting the most out of your teams. Over a one-day session, we cover: Individual contributor to manager...

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Change Management

The Change Management course will provide participants with strategies to manage organisational change effectively in their companies and work teams. COURSE AGENDA · Fundamentals of change management · Change process · Obstacles to change · Managing change · Adapting...

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Want to be a career counsellor?

Our training programme was created to equip aspiring career counsellors with knowledge and strategies for conducting effective sessions for working adults. It is based on our own methodology, developed and expanded by our team of counsellors and recruiters since 2007....

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