Happy Working – a career counselling self guide

This book is a collection of examples, exercises and reflections we’ve come to incorporate into our career counselling, coaching and leadership coaching practice. These are things you can think about on your own, or talk over with others, or use as homework before you engage a career counsellor. There are exercises and questions throughout which you can try and write down, and make your own journal as you go through the different topics. References and further reading for the topics covered are listed at the end of the book. We hope you find it useful!

How to buy:

  • PayNow and PayLah (DBS) to company UEN 200005241K.
  • Cost is S$ 30.
  • Included free with Career Counselling sessions (just ask us for a copy).
  • Send us a message, and we’ll email you the book.

This book is intended for individual use. It may not be redistributed or re-sold in any form without prior permission from us.