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suddenly jobless  


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02/02/2019 7:32 am  

How do you deal with being let go from your job suddenly? Should you start looking for work right away to avoid a resume gap?

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06/02/2019 7:24 am  

Any sudden loss of a job is a shock to your system.

It evokes strong emotions even when you made the decision to go. If someone made the decision for you (and you were an unwilling party) then other emotions flood your senses. When this happens, you may feel unstable.

Depending on your circumstances, sometimes finding a job is what you need to bounce back. Other times, you may need to calm down before rejoining the workforce. Either way, reflect on the experience and think about if you are practicing self (emotional, physical health) care.

If you are, then sure, focus on getting that new job. If you aren't, then that is something you may want to work on first as that is your first line of defense against stress. Without a first line of defense, your systems will break down, as will your health.

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