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Depression and Burn-Out  


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13/05/2019 7:16 am  

If I have just been diagnosed with depression, could it be due that I was burned out in my work for the last few years ?

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27/05/2019 3:24 am  

Hard to say. Depression is complicated and likely not due to one single cause. It's best to discuss this with your therapist (presuming you have one if you've been diagnosed with depression) or seek one out.

The burnout issue, while it may have some lingering effects (like anger or a period of exhaustion) will generally get better if you address the particular problems in the job - adjusting hours and workload, or maybe changing jobs. If it doesn't, there is probably more going on, which you'd need to explore with a counsellor.


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28/05/2019 11:33 am  

Yes, it’s possible.

Both burnout and depression have an underlying emotion - anger.

There are other similarities too including how both types of anger are addressed and treated. Yes, do consult a therapist for both as they will be able to help you out of that anger.