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We want you to enjoy your experience here, and find the information shared both helpful and supportive. So, we have a few forum rules and safety tips we ask you all to follow:

1. Treat one another with respect at all times. We have zero tolerance for trolling and flaming.

2. Don't name and shame any person or organisation. This isn't a review board for employers. Keep your descriptions generic.

3. You are welcome to remain anonymous, just remember if you do something legally questionable, we will still report the matter to the police.

4. Don't discuss politics, race or religion.

5. You are responsible for the use of your account, and your privacy. Don't divulge personal details to other users.

6. This site is monitored for tampering. Don't attempt to link to or upload malicious code. This also applies to NSFW images or links to questionable sites.

7. If something doesn't sound right to you, report it to the moderator. This is a privately-run forum, and the moderator's decisions are final.

NOTE: Please ensure you have thoroughly read the Personal Data Policy & Terms of Use. By using this forum you agree to abide by all user conduct conditions.

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