About the course

The course introduces the concept of adult developmental stages including career life stages (postulated by Daniel Levinson, Lawrence Kohlberg  and others) and its implications on baby boomers, gen X, gen Y and Linksters (or gen Z) employees in organizations.

It includes information on how to recognise de-motivated employees at risk of burnout before the effects of burnout affect organizational culture and effectiveness. Some suggestions on how to design and collect information on employee de-motivation and motivation through the use of surveys and interviews will be provided.

Finally, it introduces ways for employees to seek out help, as and when they require it, from health care professionals specializing in burnout – eg career counsellors.

Who should attend?

HR professionals, Business owners, supervisor and managers who have an interest in gaining an understanding of how employee expectation changes as they age and acquire skills in their organizations.

There are no pre-requisites for this course.

Course objectives
  • Career life stages
  • Stages of moral reasoning
  • Appreciation language in workplace relationships
  • Burnout and coping strategies
  • Referral to health care professionals in SG
Course duration

1 session, 2-hours

Vinod Balagopal

Vinod Balagopal


Designed and delivered by Vinod Balagopal, social psychologist and career counsellor. Based on a unique programme developed by our team.