“I just need a resume to job search, right?”

While a resume is definitely needed, there is more to searching effectively.

Job search is like any skill. It requires reliable motivation, practice, feedback and self reflection if you want to improve it. Using updated and country specific strategies enhance your ability to get good at it. We help everyone who wants to thrive in the Singapore workplace.

Resume Database SEO – E-Service
Have your resume feature prominently to companies, head hunters and talent scouts doing targeted searches.
– We redesign resumes and test searchability on up to 3 Singapore resume databases.

Resume or CV?
Understand the purpose of the each, the different levels of screening by HR departments and how to make your profile friendly for the different target audiences.

Effectively identifying marketable skills
Generate skill inventories based on previous jobs, experience, motivators and demotivators, then compare and match them with employer expectations.

Understand the process, the use of tools and tool design, how to self advertise, form, join and effectively maintain networks.

The Interviewing Process
Understand the purpose of the interview, expectations by all parties, techniques for face to face and teleconferencing and post interview etiquette. Also, identifying stress reactions and managing your individual response.

Salary Negotiation
Learn how to research, benchmark, position and manage expectations during the negotiation phase.

Voice Coaching
This programme covers physical exercises to improve confidence and reduce stress when speaking, practice in crafting and delivering your own “elevator speech”, as well as tips for effective use of non-verbal communication such as posture, hand gestures and eye contact.