Editor’s note: The following is a testimonial from one of our clients. Our thanks to her for this thoughtful commentary, and for her permission to share it.

I was at a career crossroad last year and experienced burnout in my freelance business. I was looking for someone who could prompt me in the right direction. However, I knew then that psychometric tests were not be able to help me. I have done so many – both online and with employers. And they proved they do not give me the clarity I need because I was still running around in circles then!

I’m glad I found Vinod services at Gary & Pearl International. Because he brought me back to understanding more about myself, and what stressed me out. He only facilitates and does not give you the answers; You are supposed to come to your own answers and final decision of what you wish to do about your current situation. As Sun Tzu’s The Art of War says, “If you know your enemy and yourself, you will not be left vulnerable in battle” If you know what’s coming, you can handle it much better.

In Singapore, I realise most of us all get swept up in life (societal expectations, parental and peer pressure/influence, for financial’s sake or simply busyness) that we hardly stop in our tracks to think more about the work we want to do, or the type of life we want to lead. By going to this career counselling, I would say this is an invaluable gift I treat myself that will benefit for years down the road.

I’m glad to give Vinod my highest recommendation for anyone desiring to know oneself better and have better clarity for their life (not just work). His in-depth know-how and analysis alone sets him and Gary & Pearl International apart from other career counselling services. I will not hesitate to work with Vinod again.

If you are here reading this, it means you have taken that very first step to acknowledge that you’re facing some challenges (e.g. burnout) in your life. Thank you for being positive! Take courage, my friend.

Before I finish this (long) testimonial (Vinod, sorry for the length!), I would like to leave you with something to think about:

“I tell my kids, what is the difference between a hero and a coward? What is the difference between being yellow* and being brave? No difference. Only what you do. They both feel the same. They both fear dying and getting hurt. The man who is yellow refuses to face up to what he’s got to face. The hero is more disciplined and he fights those feelings off and he does what he has to do. But they both feel the same, the hero and the coward. People who watch you judge you on what you do, not how you feel”

Cus D’ Amato, Legendary Boxing Trainer
(*yellow – classic literary reference to cowardice)

P.S.: I do not know Vinod whether in professional or personal capacity, before my visitation. I feel that if more good can come out of their services, I’d be more than happy to share more of my experiences.

Cheers and may you find peace, love and hope in your life, my friend!

S. Lee