Career Counselling


“I need a new job. Just tell me what I should do!”

When frustration sets in, this becomes a familiar statement. However, is it realistic to expect that another person can know what you want to do?

Our personalized and 1:1 service is designed to help professionals in Singapore and elsewhere. They would be those who are at a particular career crisis point or experiencing anxiety, stress, burnout and sometimes bullying, in the workplace. They stand to gain better clarity on their job, career and life goals and grow.

We facilitate a process using methodologies from developmental, social and positive psychology, coupled with cognitive restructuring to help individuals gain awareness and be able to better chart their own career path.

  • Phase 1: Exploration (typically 4 to 8-sessions)
  • Phase 2: Profile Analysis & New Goals Setting (1 to 2-sessions)
  • Progress Monitoring (or Coaching, if needed)

Awareness is a unique and very powerful deliverable:

What you get out of the process depends on what you are willing to put into it. More detail that is provided, the better the overall picture is, which leads to improved clarity for you.

Sessions are self-paced and held weekly, fortnightly, monthly or, as your schedule allows for it.  We journey through the process with you as fast as you can handle.

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Our Fees

The initial phone consultation is free.
A flat per session fee is charged – Check our rates here.

Next Step

To book the initial consultation, Contact Us. We will then communicate via email or chat with you over the phone, at a time of our mutual convenience.

Questions? Check our FAQ.

Still studying or not yet chosen a career?  We also offer pre-careers counselling for ages 14-21. Read more about this service here.

Looking for more resources on career counselling? Purchase our e-book: Happy Working – A career counselling self guide