Career coaching focuses on strengthening your skills in your chosen career. It’s  designed to help with career advancement, once you’ve reached a level of mastery of your skills and are wondering what to do next. There is no set time when this happens in a career, as it depends on how you feel about your current work situation and what you value. There is also no single path to developing your career, it is unique to you – merging your background, learning style and aspirations.

This is why, in our career coaching sessions, we conduct 1 to 1 interviews to get to know you, and understand what you want to achieve with career coaching. We use some psychometrics, as required and appropriate, in conjunction with interview sessions. We may also be able to introduce you to a mentor in your chosen field, who can give you industry specific tips. It really depends on your needs.

Career coaching can be an add-on to career counselling. If you are feeling angry and frustrated at work, you’ll likely want to check out career counselling first.

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