~Launching in 2018~

Family life is intertwined with work life. We’re developing a programme for working adults who also care for family members.

Caregiver Counselling – Coming Soon

Why caregiver counselling?

We have been providing career counselling since 2009, and in that time we have observed that work life and family life are not separate spheres in the deeper sense. They are integrated systems; a significant change in one will irresistibly affect the other. Caregiving is a role we are all faced with, sooner or later, and it is essentially a blending of job and family.

We wanted to offer this programme to assist caregivers, and family members who support caregivers, in exploring their feelings, aspirations and needs, so they can fulfil this necessary role with greater clarity and knowledge.


Our approach to counselling

We believe effective counselling is a team effort and that we are all learning together throughout the process. Our consultants include a lead counsellor, who is a trained psychologist, and two counselling assistants, who are experienced career consultants and researchers. We keep abreast of current research in psychology, social psychology, career counselling and family counselling, and integrate best practices into our counselling services in a process of continuous improvement. We share the research that forms the basis of our practice with our clients, and encourage the sharing of ideas and education on an ongoing basis.

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