Caregiver Counselling


Family life is intertwined with work life. We’ve developed a programme for working adults who also care for family members.

Why caregiver counselling?

We have been providing career counselling since 2009, and in that time we have observed that work life and family life are not separate spheres in the deeper sense. They are integrated systems; a significant change in one will inevitably affect the other. Caregiving is a role we are all faced with, sooner or later, and it is essentially a blending of job and family.

What is this programme and who is it for?

This aim of this programme is to provide help for caregivers, and those who support or assist them, who are experiencing burnout or other difficulties in managing or participating in the care of a dependent adult. Sessions aim to raise awareness and restore clarity for caregivers, both for their role as a caregiver and for their own personal aspirations.

What’s involved?

Caregiver counselling works much the same as career counselling. Over a series of sessions, we’ll explore various aspects of personal, family and work life. The key difference here is an emphasis on the role of caregiver, and what that means to you. Sessions will have self-paced homework and additional readings.


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