Programme overview

This is an interactive modular programme that provide participants the essential skills to develop and deliver training and assessments. The knowledge and skills acquired are applicable across different industries, departments and job roles.

You can select to attend the level suitable to the specific training roles you are required to perform.

Level 1
  • Adult learning styles and barriers to learning
  • Conceptualise and plan a structured training program
  • Plan and prepare instructional tools for desired learning outcomes
Level 2
  • Conduct effective facilitation and training presentation
  • Design and develop training materials using ADDIE process and instructional methods
  • Design and plan effective assessment and evaluation of training program
Assessment Module

(*For participants who have completed all modules in Level 1 & 2)

The programme includes an assessment module which requires participants to submit a simple training programme as assessment project. This provides the opportunity for participants to transfer the skills and knowledge learned to their workplace.

Anne Wong

Anne Wong

Senior Consultant, Corporate Training

Course designed and delivered by Anne Wong, experienced trainer, ACTA certified.

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