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Voice Coaching & Interview Skills

As part of our career search services, we offer one to one coaching specifically for interviewing and presenting / speaking skills. Voice Coaching This programme covers physical exercises to improve confidence and reduce stress...

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Poke yourself: a career counselling exercise

by Vinod Balagopal, Social Psychologist and Career Counsellor When I ask clients to tell me how they feel they frequently tell me what they think instead. So I asked them to poke themselves. Actually physically poke. Then I ask...

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Skills for New Managers

About the course This programme covers the challenges faced in the transition from team member to leader, with practical examples and strategies for understanding your new role and getting the most out of your teams. Over a...

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Career Counselling vs Career Advice

Is career counselling the same as career advice? Yes… except that the career counsellor is not the one giving you advice. You are – after a process of self-discovery. What does that all that mean? Consider the following...

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